Who are these people?

MeDigit is team of passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to innovation. Focussed on Digital, brands hire us to take their online clout to next level.


We are committed to convert innovative ideas in to execution. We thrive to create stories around your brand and get people to talk about it. We understand the importance of being ‘social’ and create strong customer connect to generate interest towards brand.


Tanmay Shanishchara, Founder, CEO

A web evangelist with more than 8 years of experience in Indian internet & Social Media Research fields. Tanmay has worked with few leading brands to establish internet businesses. After working with like brands STAR News, Network 18, Nielsen & McKinsey, he started MeDigit. Tanmay is Engineer by background & MICA graduate. He is a first generation entrepreneur with keen interest in Web Analytics, Social Media & Internet marketing.


Innovation, creativity & excellence. We believe in power of innovation and create excellent campaigns to achieve desired results for your brand!


Our mantra is to “Building valuable relationships.” Be it with our clients, our audience or our stake holders – relationship remains at core of our focus. Great relationships build great businesses.

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