MeDigit Campaigns


Your campaign deserves right mix of messaging & actions. We help you ideate best campaigns & messaging. Our experienced ad campaign team will provide their guidance & support to achieve best campaign results.


We have expertise in creating advertisement campaigns across various facets of digital media platforms. We build integrated marketing plans with presence on all consumer touch points.


Search is inevitable ingredient of any marketing campaign. We help you build great search campaigns & drive right people to your website


Advertising is not banner placement. It’s knowing where & when to place your banner. It’s not just about negotiating. It’s about knowing with whom to negotiate. Our display advertising team is equipped with best measurement tools to create right plans for your campaign.


From facebook ads, facebook app, blogging or video advertisement – we help you reach out to right audience. We are driven by strong data analytics skills & tracking conversions & improving campaigns is part of our job.


SEO is primary building block of your web presence. It ensures long term visibility and most importantly – organic leads for your business. We can help with keyword research, SEO audits, Search optimization, Content writing & reporting to build a search engine friendly website.


Emails are not passé. It is still most preferred way of communication. We build email marketing campaigns that reaches out to your TG with right messaging. With best measurement tools, we can meet your objectives of generating leads, driving registrations or improving sales.


A digital PR can lead more consumers to your site than a paid banner. We help your spread news about your brand like wildfire. Our digital PR support will help your send right PR at right time, without spending that extra penny.

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