10 simple tools for creating impactful videos

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It’s not a secret anymore. If ‘Content is king’, ‘videos are the king of content’. Whether you are a marketer, an education institute, a photographer or a startup – your content marketing strategy is not complete without ‘video focussed’ approach.

Creating a video is a difficult & time consuming proposition, more so because it has remained a knowledge & skill driven territory so far. Video makers use high end softwares & a complex process to create a video. But that’s not the case anymore. There are some really simple and cool video creation & editing tools available in market which will make your life easy.

We thought we’d review some of these tools to help you in carving your ‘video marketing strategy’. Presenting to you, 10 simple video editing tools for creating impactful videos

1. Animoto

Intro: Animoto is a simple & probably the most popular video editing tool. It’s easy to learn, fast and intuitive. Animoto website has plenty of sample videos available to inspire from. I was particularly impressed with their ‘case studies’ section. Tool has readily available storyboard, music tracks, video styles, fonts, custom colors etc. to create a video of your choice.

What I like: Animoto is suitable for creating perfect marketing videos. You can choose images, raw video footages & add captions to make interesting marketing content, business videos, memories and whole lot of things.

Ideal for: Business intro, Marketing videos, Photo / slideshow, social media ads, promotions and plenty of other applications. Do check their case studies section to know more.

Free trial: 14 days
Paid: Plans range from $8 per month to $34 per month (billed annually at $96 to $408).

2. Vyond (previously GoAnimate)

Intro: Vyond is a brilliant tool if you are looking for animated videos with characters in it. Ideally, suitable for product intro, business intro, case studies and storytelling.

What I like: Plenty of options to create characters, animate characters & build storyline. This tool will automatically sync character’s lips as per the script. It’s vast library of characters, environment, animations & effects make it an ideal tool for character animation videos.

Ideal for: Training, e-learning, marketing videos, case studies, product intro videos and corporate videos. Check their showcase for examples of these videos.

Free Trial: 14 days
Paid: Plans ranges from $39 per month to $159 per month (billed annually at $299 to $999).

3. PowToon

Intro: It’s defacto tool for creating interesting videos. With right knowledge of this tool, you can create a highly professional video with PowToon. PowToon has huge library of characters, animations, video styles etc.

What I like: With PowToons, anyone can become a video creation expert. It’s easy interface can create awesome videos in few minutes. It has one of the richest library of characters, templates, music & plenty of example videos.

Ideal for: Animated videos, storyline based videos, training, case studies, corporate / product intro videos.

Free: unlimited, contains PowToon branding & limited access to content.
Paid: Plans ranges from $19 per month to $99 per month (billed annually at $228 to $1188)

4. Video Scribe

Intro: It’s the best tool I’ve come across for whiteboard animation video. Video Scribe is capable of creating highly intuitive explainer videos for you. They claim that whiteboard videos have better engagement & response – which is something to ponder upon. It has image library of more than 4000 objects, a exhaustive music library and you can even import / record your voice over.

What I like: I liked the quality of animation & library of images. Whiteboard animation videos are difficult to create without a pro tool but VideoScribe makes it easy. You must check these examples to know more about this tool.

Ideal for: Any video that could include a storyline such as case studies, product intro, educational videos, storyline, biography etc.

Free Trial: 7 Days
Paid: $75 per year

5. Wideo

Intro: Wideo has very interesting & edgy templates to choose from. It’s library is huge with plenty of options to choose fonts, animation and designs. Moreover, tool offers features to directly upload video on YouTube.

What I like: I liked their library of characters & animations. There’s plenty to choose from. Wideo has seggregated templates for each requirement, which makes your job easy.

Ideal for: Promotional videos, marketing campaigns, explainer videos, animation videos, social media videos.

Free Trial: 7 Days
Paid: Plans range from $19 per month to $79 per month (billed annually at $228 to $948)

6. RenderForest

Intro: It’s one tool which can make wonders for your marketing strategy. It’s capable of creating any type of video you desire – with a simple drag and drop method. Tool provides 1,15,000+ Stock video footages to choose from, access to music library, logo intro & outro creation, typography & infographic animations and what not. With RenderForest, you will never have to pay for Stock footage.

What I Like: I liked their gallery of animations. There are plenty of options to choose characters, templates, music and templates. Quality of video effects and range of options are also great.

Ideal for: professional intros, animations, slideshows, promos and music visualizations, mobile app promo, infographics, slideshows and much more.

Free: unlimited 360p videos with limited access to library
Paid: Plan ranges from $15 per month to $149 per month (billed annually at $180 to $1788)

7. Slidely

Intro: The best part about Slidely is – it’s simple & effective. If your requirements are limited to creating slideshow, collages and simple animations – this is the tool you must go for.

What I like: I like its simplicity and impact. With millions of users, it has proven track record. It’s product ‘Promo’ can create professional looking videos in minutes.

Ideal for: Collage, slideshow, gallery, social media & business promo videos.

Free for slideshows, collages & basic videos
Paid: Promo is a paid product, ranging from $39 per month to $249 per month (billed annually at $468 to $2988)

8. WeVideo

Intro: It’s one of the most famous and powerful video making tool. WeVideo boasts of library of 100K+ videos, 100K+ music assets, 450K+ images, premium editing features and support. You must consider this if you require plenty of videos for your marketing & promotions.

What I like: Simple interface, rich library of videos, excellent support and proven track record.

Ideal for: Individual / personal videos, business & marketing videos, educational videos, case studies and virtually everything.

Free: upto 5 minutes of export per month. Limited access to effects & library
Paid: From $5 per month to $30 (billed annually at $60 to $360)

9. Filmora

Intro: Filmora is downloadable software for video editing. It’s simple, easy to use and has lot of options to make interesting videos. It has lot of options to apply filters, text, animations, transitions, motion elements on your existing footage.

What I like: the fact that it’s a downloadable tool. Processing & editing becomes really fast when you’re working on local machine instead of a server. Range of features available on this tool is brilliant – check it yourself here.

Ideal for: Creating marketing videos, social media videos, ads and text / image animations.

Free: Gives all features but with watermark
Paid: $59.99 lifetime

10. Moovly

Intro: Moovly is an impressive tool with simple interface. It’s exhaustive library of animations, objects, characters, charts, objects, sound, pictures, stock video footages & templates makes it possible to make video of your choice in just few minutes.

What I like: It provides 175mn video clips to choose from. Interface is simple drag and drop type and plenty of user videos to inspire from.

Ideal for: Social media videos, Advertising videos, Explainers, whiteboard videos, Presentations

Free: 30 days trial
Paid: Plans range from $24.92 per month to $125 per month (billed annually at $299 to $1500)

Do you use any other tool than the ones mentioned above? Do share your experience of making videos on these tools – we are eager to learn from you!

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