7 Traits of an excellent advertising agency

December 5, 2018 Digital Marketing, Social Media 0 Comments

Choosing an advertising agency is not an easy task. An excellent advertising agency is like a partner in your business. It will drive your marketing functions, help you with business strategies and eventually create a brand for your business.

More than a business relationship, it’s an emotional bonding between a brand & an agency. We’ve been in this field for more than 5 years and we know how strongly we are connected with brands we’re working with. From umpteen number of projects and pitches we’ve been involved in – we have acquired a few traits which defines an incredibly good agency. Sharing below a few of those traits which an excellent advertising agency possesses :

  • Dives deeper into your business

Expert agency is the one which dives deep into clients’ business. They come prepared for a pitch, knows a lot about your business & industry and they will definitely have an opinion about advertising strategies of your competition brands.

  • Asks questions & challenges your suggestions

Afterall, agency is your navigational force. They are the ones who drives your marketing & they must be good at it. A good agency will not exhibit a ‘yes sir’ culture. Instead, it will ask questions, raise doubts about your business strategies and seek suggestions. It may even challenge your marketing suggestions & initiate healthy debates about your marketing strategies.

  • Markets itself well

Someone in advertising business should know how to sell themselves. If they can’t sell their own services, how do you expect them to sell yours?? Yes, an SEO agency should have incredible SEO rankings and a video agency should have a super popular YouTube channel. An expert marketer should be on top of latest trends & that’s what matters!  

  • Not only creative jerks & not only analytical nerds. You need right mix of both creative & analytical talent

Advertising is not just about a good looking creative or a catchy punchline. World have moved on and digital is now rocking the space. Right advertising happens with right mixture of creative & analytical approach. Agency should exhibit right mix of both creative and analytical talent in order to deliver great campaigns. Afterall, ‘Data Drives Digital’ and ‘Content is the Fuel’.

  • Fast is a slow word. They should be supersonic ultrafast in everything they do

Yes. Lot of agencies tend to lose aggression when they take up a project. The world is moving faster than we think. Agency should be fast in adapting creatives and proposing new ideas.

  • Credibility. Yes, it matters

How do you check credibility of an agency? Well, there are many ways. Check their experience, clients list, portfolio and ask for references. A good agency will have plenty to showcase. Afterall, they are going to drive major area of your business. Isn’t it?

  • Full service is an old school word. Niche, category specific agencies are in.

Times have gone when ‘full service’ agencies used to drive the scene. It’s time for niche, ultra focussed agencies. There are agencies for each type of jobs you need to do for your business. Look for their category niche. Look for their media specific (digital, traditional or mixed media) niche and also look for their expertise in delivering desired results for your requirements.

An agency that passes through above filters, is bound to deliver desired results. Hope this post helps you choose right agency for your business. Wishing you all the best for your hunt for next best agency in town. Don’t miss checking out our portfolio and experience – may be you’re just one click away from finding the best for your business.

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