9 Facebook Trends to Promote Your Brand in 2021

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With an audience of more than 2.7 billion active users worldwide, Facebook remains the largest social network in the world. In Q3 2020, the multinational’s products (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram) were used by 3.14 billion people. So that makes Facebook one of the most promising advertising platforms.

To find out how to promote a brand on Facebook in 2021, let’s see the main trends of this social network.

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# 1 Facebook Live

The restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic have boosted the development of online communication. Thus, users began to communicate more actively through Facebook Live. Over the past year, the service’s audience was 2 billion people.

According to the second quarter of 2020 results, Facebook Live’s popularity increased by 26.9% compared to the same period last year. While there has been a gain in popularity, however, there has been no movement regarding trends in this format.

During half of 2020, around 1% of Facebook posts from all brands were made in Live format. Therefore, brands realized the benefits that this tool brings in keeping in touch with their target audience. It is obvious that this trend will continue.

# 2 Video marketing

Videos are the most popular type of content with social media users. Demand is growing, so relying on video for your branding strategy is the right decision. Facebook was named the most popular video content platform after Youtube.

So far, video represents 17% of all content on Facebook and it is the 2nd most popular type of content. Images take the first place. Also, the average rate of engagement for video posts on Facebook is 0.26% vis-à-vis overall engagement rate which is 0.18%.

When focusing on video in 2021, consider that medium-length videos work best: 1 to 5 minutes.

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# 3 Augmented reality

According to forecasts, the virtual reality and augmented reality market will represent almost 19 million dollars by the end of 2020. These technologies can significantly impact the development of new Facebook tools.

The Spark AR app by Facebook is already hugely popular, with over half a million creators from 190 countries making over a million augmented reality effects for Instagram and Facebook. The effects published on 150 accounts brought creators more than a billion views in 9 months in 2020.

# 4 Thematic communities

What unites people of different ages, living in different regions of the planet and representing different social classes? Common areas of interest! This is a huge potential and the communities on Facebook confirm it. More than 10 million thematic communities are already registered on the social network with a total audience of almost 1.4 billion users per month.

Businesses can also create communities to communicate with their customers. They can also interact with other groups. According to data, 93.7% of brands use their Facebook communities to promote their business.

The community building process is straightforward. The setting does not take much time. When it comes to branding, you can use special services. For example, Logaster allows you to create a set of branding elements for a Facebook page in minutes.

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# 5 Advertising in the news feed

Thousands of brands use Facebook as an advertising platform. So, as with trends, it is worth studying the marketing tactics of other companies.

More brands are expected to focus on Facebook’s news feed in 2021. This is evident by analyzing data for Q3 2020. Companies spend more than 58% of their advertising budget on the posting of advertisements in the personalized news feed.

Why? The click-through rate on these ads is as high as 2% (1.82% to be exact). To clarify things, this rate is 0.85% for Facebook Video and 0.65% for embedded ads.

# 6 Online shopping

The popularity of this trend is obvious. Online shopping is already enjoying remarkable growth in popularity and the closures of physical stores during the pandemic have been a catalyst. Potential buyers start to work and spend as much time as possible at home. Online businesses have therefore benefited from tremendous growth in demand.

Facebook quickly responded to the trend by launching the Shops service in the early months of 2020. This allows users to create an online store. The aim of the project is to inspire users to buy and to make it as accessible as possible.

There is no doubt that the number of brands using Facebook Shops will increase in 2021. Most of them will use the service as an additional sales channel.

# 7 User-generated content

Posts, which were created by users of the social network, were and remain one of the most effective forms of marketing. During the pandemic, this content became trending.

The reason is simple: the professional studios were temporarily closed. There was no one to create new posts and videos. Brands had to fill the void with user-generated content, which became a good alternative.

The number of views on videos created by users on Facebook has doubled: in August 2020, it reached 495 billion, while it did not exceed 223 billion in January.

# 8 Chatbots

Prompt delivery and communication with the seller are important to customers. Chatbots provide 100% of these elements, and their popularity is growing rapidly.

Business Insider predicts that starting from $2.6 billion in 2019, the chatbot market will reach $9.4 billion in 2024.

We can say that chatbots will be used by new brands. Facebook already has more than 40 million bots owned by companies. About 20 billion messages are sent by them every month.

The social network says it improves the communication process for customers and corporate clients. Thus, via Facebook Messenger, you can make appointments and carry out campaigns to attract new leads.

#9 Reach via hashtags

Hashtags first appeared on Twitter years ago. Today, they are used on several social networks, and even in offline projects. They influence the promotion of posts on most social networking platforms.

Facebook is working on new functions for hashtags. The goal is to increase the reach of published posts as well as engagement. The smart recommendations will also be fed into the hashtag formation, based on a set of criteria. Until then, the new tool is at a testing stage, but it’s possible that it will set a new trend for promotion in 2021.

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Of course, most of the trends for this new year come directly from 2020. It is a series of practices and company responses to the restrictions related to the different periods of confinement. By focusing on these trends, businesses can achieve better results. Of course, it will be interesting to keep an eye out for the new opportunities that 2021 will bring.

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