All about Instagram Reels!

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All about Instagram Reels! Seven creative Instagram reel ideas for your business.

Reel karo feel karo is an emotion in itself.

Launched by Instagram, Reels are the new trending buzz that can make you, your brand, or your content go viral. It has been gaining positive responses and is embraced by users, influencers and brands. It lets you step up your marketing game to the next level by organically reaching new customers & bringing engagement to your brand. They are used by personal platforms, brand accounts and businesses with products or providing services. Let’s know more about how Reels can be a part of your digital marketing plan.

Undoubtedly, strategizing and creating Reels required a lot of brainstorming. Let’s dive into some content-creating ideas for your next business Reel.

Here are 7 ideas to make an interesting Reel:

  • Showcase your business story

    Every business has its story. Share your story in fun and authentic ways to bring inspiration to your audience. One can highlight challenges in their journey and gratitude towards people who have helped them and their customers.

  • Showcase your values and business ideologies

    No business is successful without its core values, attributes and foundations. Share them through Reels to your audience. Create user-generated content that aligns with your brand. It will bring in a lot of engagement, conversions, confidence and trust to your brand. When you showcase your brand values, it will create credibility amongst customers.

  • Showcase your Product/Service

    When you create content that shows your product or service in action, it helps your audience to develop a connection with your product or service. With Reels, you can create a need for your product and feature the benefits of your product in real-life scenarios.

  • Share your Behind the scene journey

    When you share your behind the scene journey, you build a connection with your customers. You can choose to show your company’s work culture, highlight the efforts of your team, how your product is made, how your team celebrates success and so on. A lot goes behind a successful business, so you can choose what facet of it you would like to show to keep your audience engaged.

  • Build anticipation for recent developments

    People love peek-a-boo announcements, like an upcoming launch or some exciting event or activity. It creates inquisitiveness about what’s happening and keeps them engaged with your event or announcement.

  • Share educational content

    Creating educational content is a great way to engage or converse with your audience. You can add real value to your audience by providing them industry insights, tips and tricks related to your product or service, how to do videos, etc. Sharing educational content will always keep your audience connected with you.

  • Add an element of fun in your Reels

    Create content that has an element of fun. There should be excitement and zeal to watch the video. You have the opportunity to engage with your audience in a fun and personal way. You can start a trend and ask your patrons to follow it or make the trend your friend, or follow an ongoing trend and leverage on it.

    Creating Reel on an ongoing trend will keep your brand updated and will give your Reel a good reach to attract new audiences. Add your own little spin & perspective to the ongoing trend, and create something exciting, fresh and engaging.

After creating Reels and sharing them on instagram, you can do your bit to promote it for engagement and to attract new audiences. Amplify the reach of your instagram Reels through shares and encourage Instagram followers to share more of your brand & Reels in their Stories. Undoubtedly, sharing your Reels will build influence and loyalty!

Wrapping it up, make sure you do thorough research and create genuine content. It will elevate your brand credibility, establish authority and will help you develop a genuine connection and relationship with your audience. Get going with your next Reel! 🙂

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