Threptin – Organic growth through Search Engine Presence

July 12, 2022 0 Comments

How we increased organic traffic & search engine presence for threpin.com


Threptin was already a renowned name and nutritional supplement in the market. The brand has been in the market since 1953 and is largely prescribed by doctors. However, with the launch of Threptin Lite in 2016 & the brand’s desire to shift to the B2C segment, it became imperative that along with a good website, SEO or search engine optimization would be required for the brand & the product to show up on Google.


  • From negligible presence on Google, we had to get the brand name & the product embedded in Google’s search algorithm. This task required us to focus on creating relevant content along with on page & off page SEO activities.


  • Target keywords with high search volume

  • Focused efforts on Brand keywords

What we did:

  • We shortlisted most searched keywords in the product related categories and began SEO activities targeting these keywords. These included embedding keywords on the website and writing blog content which would bring users to the site.

  • Along with this, we also started off-page activities in order to strengthen Domain Authority and generate backlinks. 


  • Total Visitors through Google Search: 24,119

  • Total Impressions in Google search results page: 609K

  • Total Clicks: 26.4K

  • Average CTR: 4.3%

  • Average Position: 6.3

  • Total Conversions: 1,435

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