Yakult – Spreading awareness through Influencers!

July 12, 2022 0 Comments

An Influencer Marketing campaign for Yakult to spread awareness in Gujarat.


Yakult India was looking forward to running a regional campaign in Ahmedabad with Macro & mega influencers having a strong presence in the city. They wanted people to be aware about the benefits Yakult provides with regular consumption.


  • Finding the right mix of Influencers

  • On-boarding of suitable of Influencers


  • A mix of 10 Mega & Macro influencers based in Ahmedabad to share reel portraying benefits of Yakult connecting with their follower base.

What we did:

  • We chose 10 influencers from diverse categories such as health, fitness, lifestyle & entertainment with strong engagement in Ahmedabad. 

  • All of these influencers were connected with the Yakult team for a one on one real time product introduction session to help them create better & accurate content. 

  • The central concept of the reels was to intertwine Yakult with the daily life of the influencers & showcase in a way which intrigued their audience & encouraged them to engage with the content.

  • These Influencers produced content in the form of reels & shared them on their Instagram.


  • The content prepared by influencers reached to 8 Lakh+ people with 70k+ interactions, driving an engagement rate of almost 8%

  • People also commented how these reels helped them clear their doubts & confusion about the products which was our main objective.

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