How to Choose the Right Influencer Marketing Agency

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As research reveals, the size of the global influencer market size has doubled since 2019. This sudden explosive growth of influencer marketing has been due to several factors which have also contributed to the rise of the creator economy – first is the battle for consumer attention within social media. Influencers and creators extremely help marketers to preserve this attention. Second, it has also helped to face the two greatest challenges of marketers – creating content to keep the continuity with trends and personalizing that content for the various consumers who are engaging with that content. Thus, with the help of influencers, marketers can benefit from promoting their brands with the help of influencers. It is a cost-effective technique for promoting brands and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. However, finding the right influencer for your promotional campaigns might be a huge task, and this is where the role of influencer marketing agencies comes to prime.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is an effective way to promote your business by using endorsements or product mentions from well-known influencers-individuals. It is a sustainable way of marketing because these influencers already have a dedicated social media following which have a high amount of trust on the influencers, and any kind of recommendations of your products from these influencers serves as a form of social proof for your product’s or brand’s potential customers.

What are the benefits of Influencer Marketing?

What are Influencer Marketing Agencies?

An Influencer Marketing Agency takes up the responsibility of finding the right influencer for your business, who helps to reach a target audience. Along with this, influencer marketing agencies also establish and publish schedules and guidelines, negotiate rates and contracts, ideate content, as well as produce and review content, make campaign reports, etc. Finding the right influencer marketing agency will spare you the painful job of finding the right influencers who could help your brand to grow.

Things to consider before you search for the best influencer marketing agency

  1. Research who they’ve worked with:

    Holding some research on marketing agencies before you hire them will help you to identify agencies that can comply with your needs and also hold a sufficient amount of marketing experience in your industry.

    Before choosing an agency for your promotional campaigns, inquiring about their track record is important. This will help you know from them about the brands they have previously worked with and also reveal the outcome of previous campaigns. With this information, you will be able to decide if they have the necessary experience to promote your brand.

    Strategies of influencer marketing vary across different types of industries. For a desired outcome, you should always choose a marketing agency which has a good track record and experience in your industry. With this you can ensure the best outcome.

    Analyze the influencers the agency has collaborated with. Analyzing this will help you determine if you can afford to pay for the services of the particular influencer marketing agency. It is often suggested for small businesses which have a limited budget to work with agencies who collaborate with micro influencers. If the agency has collaborated with popular influencers before, it makes their service charges costlier. Collaborating with micro influencers are more profitable because they tend to have higher engagement rates than most popular influencers. This will help to keep your marketing spend low, while also making it possible for you to reach a higher number of targeted audience.

  2. Understand how they function, and see if they are willing to be transparent to you:

    Understanding the work process of the marketing agency will help you to get a fair idea of how it will be to work with them.

    If you ask the agency about how they handle new projects, the influencer marketing agency must be able to explain to you the criteria they follow to select influencers as well as the platform for product promotion, and explain the strategies they’ve used for different campaigns. It is also important to understand how the agency measures the success of a campaign, and what kind of metrics they use to measure this success. In influencer marketing campaigns, this analysis will help you to identify the benefits from user interactions on your content, increases in follower count on social media platforms, and also gather data on increase in sales.

    Identifying the account manager from the agency is also very important because you always need to know whom to reach to if you need certain clarifications on issues pertaining to certain campaign metrics, or discuss any kind of updates in ongoing campaigns.

  3. Find out the influencer marketing strategies that the agency can offer:

    Different types of marketing strategies are used by agencies in order to increase your brand’s awareness and user engagement on various social media platforms. You need to know the types of campaigns your agency is comfortable with, their track of success rate in such campaigns, if they’ve any particular strategy that could suit best for your business. By seeking these answers, you will come to know whether the agency holds capacity to deliver impressive results in promoting your brand.

    Once you have understood their strategies, you need to assure that they have the necessary resources, expertise and team to implement their strategies successfully.

  4. Request to see testimonials:
    Knowing if a particular agency is the perfect fit for your business is very important. Testimonials work as proof of efficiency of the agency because it contains the valuable reviews of the brands they have previously worked with. These client testimonials can also help you identify the agency’s potential. Nonetheless, also make sure that these client testimonials hold credibility. You can always use community forums like https://www.quora.com/ for untamed reviews. Despite this thorough evaluation, if you still have questions, you can always openly reach out to the agency and question them about their credibility, service quality and the level of customer satisfaction.

  5. Be honest about your needs and find out how they can help you:

    Stating your expectations to the agency is important to ensure that you both are on the same page. Once the agency clearly understands your expectations and needs, they’ll be able to decide if they are capable of handling your account, in order to avoid conflicts in the long run.

    You must also clearly list the goal you want to attain, like online visibility, getting more exposure on a specific demographic, and increasing your conversion rate. This will help the agency to easily identify the required resources to achieve these goals, while also getting the best influencer for the same.

    It may sometimes happen that the goals you have in mind might not be in alignment with the latest industry trends. In such a situation, the agency might always be of great help by pitching in their recommendations. Discuss with the agency the cost bearable for the service and the outcome. You can always negotiate for the best rate, and ask them to keep you informed of any new developments.

Influencer Marketing in India

Research statistics has recorded that the Influencer Marketing Industry in India is growing rapidly, with a total revenue of Rs. 900 crore by the end of the year 2021. With the help of social media influencers, certain brands have been able to create high value and place their products on the right track. To know more about influencer marketing services or to find out whether your brand needs influencer marketing, you can read the following blog posts:



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