Content Strategy & SEO

Content may be the king, but promotion is the queen.

Content strategy defines how and why content will be used to achieve goals. At MeDigit, we don’t just produce content to feed various media. We use Inbound Marketing & SEO to attract new prospects and generate conversions with high added value content, designed according to the real needs of your target. Build your reputation, tell your story, educate your audience, generate qualified leads and customers by implementing a promotion plan with our content strategy and SEO services.

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Content Strategy and SEO

Quality content is not the result of chance but is the result of an elaborate and carefully considered strategy. Similarly, the smartest way to improve organic reach through SEO is with impeccable content. Companies are aware of this, but the importance of implementing a content marketing strategy is frequently underestimated. 

However, a good communication concept must be defined over the long term to meet success. Simply creating texts is not enough for a content marketing strategy per se. Among other things, in the long term, it is necessary to define what user intent does your content target, how the content will be published, and on which communication channels will it be shared.

A content-driven strategy takes time, but it is inevitable if you want to contribute to the success and visibility of your website. 

Why do brands need Content Strategy and SEO?

Daily, a consumer is exposed to more than 900 advertising messages, which pushes some to install software and extensions to hide them. So that your brand exists and that the consumer becomes aware of you, it is now necessary to capture their interest, create an experience and be present when they seek information. All this, with the help of a content and SEO strategy.

of marketers reported that their company views content as a business asset
companies have a content marketing strategy in place
of content consumption is derived from organic search

Our Content Strategy & SEO Services

Content Strategy and Marketing

Define buyer persona & journey

Content Marketing

Content creation and optimization

Email drip campaigns

Video and Infographics

Premium content creation

SEO services

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Schema & Open Graph

On-page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Optimise Website Architecture

Sales & Marketing Funnel Planning

SEO & Content Audit

Competitive Intelligence

How do we do it?

  • Definition of targets & objectives

    Content marketing begins with setting up your goals and KPIs for success.

  • Conduct persona research

    We conduct detailed persona research for your prospect customers to define your TG.

  • Content mapping

    We work extensively to define content map for your organization and set a roadmap based on insights.

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  • Content audit

    Scientific audit of your content sphere, vis a vis competition.

  • Implement a content creation process

    Content creation process involves blog, social media and website content creation process.

  • Publish and manage your content

    Publishing your content on your digital platforms and managing promotions of content.


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