Digital Media Planning and Buying

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Any media plan without detailing of ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ is pure speculation. A campaign performs best when it is planned scientifically and measured authentically.

Being a Google Partner, digital marketing runs in our DNA. MeDigit’s Media Planning & Buying services will thus ensure maximum ROIs for your investments in marketing.

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Digital Media Planning and Buying

Digital media planning, it’s a bit like Google Maps. It allows your company to get you to your destination (objectives), according to the best route chosen (advertising strategy), knowing the obstacles (work) in real-time (period) and the place (market).

Digital media planning allows you to reach your growth goals using the relevant media. It is also a way to invest in the vitality and sustainability of your company’s products and services by advertising them correctly to the right audience.

This is why developing a digital media planning and buying strategy requires a perfect balance between data, expertise and creativity, in order to select the right media, at the right time; where behaviour and experience converge.

What do we offer?

Our turnkey media planning service encompasses digital strategy, media negotiation, media buying, continuous optimization and performance measures – all tailored to meet your business objectives. With a single agency that oversees your advertising campaign and your media placements, you benefit from unique and complete support while saving on administrative costs.

At MeDigit, we work closely with mass media as well as with niche media, in order to build an effective campaign that will engage your audience where it is located.

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How do we do it?

Our digital media planners rely on solid marketing and mass communication know-how to identify and select communication channels that will perform in your context and propel your content to the centre of attention.

When it comes to media objectives and strategy, the primary goal is to establish a lasting link with the audience. At MeDigit, our clear and customized media optimization as well as our management and performance measurement procedures give 100% quantifiable results and maximize each dollar invested.

  • Establish your goals

    Based on marketing brief set goals for your advertisement campaign.

  • Assessment of opportunities to achieve goals

    Assess possibility of choosing media channels and advertising opportunities.

  • Resource strategy for digital media planning

    Strategic planning of resources & channelizing the same.

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  • Timeframe to initiate advertising

    Based on campaign phase, planning timelines and initiate campaign.

  • Identification of KPIs

    Identifying & freezing KPIs in coordination with client - to ensure best results.

  • Monitoring planning and buying

    Buying media, delivering campaign and monitoring performance.


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