How digital media is influencing car buying behavior in India

July 7, 2018 Digital Marketing, Social Media 0 Comments

Google & Kantar TNS recently released a survey exploring car buying behavior of Indians. The report highlights several key insights regarding an Indian car buyer’s mindset. Digital media is not just a tool to search & compare cars, but it’s becoming an influential tool in the purchase process.

Take a glance at below highlights from the report:

  • 89% of all car purchases were influenced by digital media.
  • 96% car buyers uses Search during their purchase journey.

What do they search?

Price, vehicle size, fuel efficiency, interior, brand reputation, driving experience, reviews, and financing options

Influence of video:

  • 80% of car buyers have used / watched online video during their purchase journey.
  • Watch time for Auto related videos increased by 225% over last year.
  • 79% car buyers took an action (Such as downloading brochure, went for test drive, visited a showroom etc.) after watching a video.
  • Number of dealership visits have reduced to two, from four visits last year – suggesting strong dependence on digital media to consume information.
  • 68% car buyers are not sure of which car they want to buy when they begin the search. Which means, Digital has strong influence to play during the purchase journey.
  • 81% said that videos introduced a new option in their consideration set which they did not consider earlier
  • 75% buyers accepted the fact that an online video changed their perception about a car manufacturer.

What kind of videos they watch?

  • 30% have seen videos related to third party car reviews / test drives / comparison tests
  • 41% have checked vehicle safety test videos
  • 42% respondents saw commercial advertisement
  • 37% said they saw interior / exterior walk-through video
  • 38% users were interested in vehicle performance related videos
  • 41% saw videos related to features & technology of vehicle
  • 33% respondents saw customer reviews & testimonials videos
  • 27% consumed augmented reality / virtual reality content

What does these numbers tell us?

It’s time marketers think beyond generic TVCs when it comes to automobiles. A holistic customer experience enabling users to virtually experience all features of car, a AR / VR powered virtual tour & experiential content (reviews by experts, feature tests etc.) will drive better engagement from car buyers. Word of mouth spreading from journalists & reviewers’ own video blogs will carry strong influence on buyers.

Today’s buyer doesn’t want to go for multiple dealer visits. Focussing on better Customer Experience (CX) across digital platforms & enabling superior content through videos – is the mantra for success. Days are not far when we will see more car purchases happening online!

If you are not on a video bandwagon yet, it’s time you plan a successful video strategy for your brand. Automobile is not just one segment driving video consumption – video phenomena is across all genres. Do you want to prepare a video marketing strategy for your brand? Connect with us!


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