Facebook’s algorithm changes & its impact on your business

January 12, 2018 Digital Marketing, News 0 Comments

Facebook has just announced a drastic change in its algorithm. Mark Zukerberg has just posted, saying users will now see more posts from their friends & families, rather than business pages.

What does this imply for a business page:

  1. Lesser engagement – you will see your facebook page’s engagement levels to go down drastically over next few weeks.

  2. Higher costs – as more businesses will fight for ad space to increase their visibility, expect increase in advertisement costs.

  3. Organic reach will be ‘dead’ soon – Your page’s content, be it video, image or text – will see drastic reduction in ‘reach’. Don’t panic, good & engaging content will definitely get its own share of visibility.

  4. Click baits & Engagement baits won’t work – Facebook will give priority to more ‘meaningful’ conversations. Any attempt to fool people in clicking on your link or engage on your post will create negative impact on your post.

  5. Good content will show up more – If you are creating good content, chances are there your content will rank higher. Facebook will promote high quality content more.

What should you do to counter this?

  1. Focus on creating meaningful content. High focus on quality & lesser on quantity. If your audience loves your content, they will definitely consume your content.

  2. Influencer marketing is way to go – If your users will endorse your brands, it’s likely that their friends are going to know about your brand via them. Virality will increase for such influencer marketing campaigns.

  3. Facebook ads will require more attention & laser targeting. If you haven’t experimented on it, chances are your ads are going to irrelevant audiences. Resulting in higher spends with lesser returns.

  4. Focus on other networks – May be, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram or Twitter could be your next tool for engaging masses. However, users are going to spend more time on Facebook for sure.

  5. For agencies – spend more time in brainstorming over content. Add influencer marketing as default offering & hire Facebook advertisement ninjas to manage your campaigns.

  6. Live videos will see higher engagement – create more such content to be on top of news feed.

  7. Stories – experiment with stories, create engaging content & contests using stories feature.

It’s clear that Facebook will give importance to nothing else but ‘content’. Businesses should look for agencies that can offer kick-ass content marketing strategies.

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Here’s link to Mark Zuckerberg’s complete post about the announcement: https://www.facebook.com/zuck/posts/10104413015393571



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