How to get Right Copies for your Performance Marketing Ads

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How to get Right Copies for your Performance Marketing Ads

Performance marketing is a combination of advertising and innovation that helps advertisers in growing their business. If it is done right, it creates a win-win opportunity for both the retailer and their affiliates. Unlike any other forms of marketing, in performance marketing advertisers only pay for successful transactions.

The true value of Performance Content

Content is the fuel for high performing advertisements. With the power of content, you can lead your audience to a more informative and engaging experience. Not every performance advertising campaign is successful, they require an end number of trials and testing before it starts bringing revenue. If paid advertising is a part of your marketing campaign then you need to be creative and strategic.

Performance content forms an integral part of your performance marketing campaigns. It serves two purposes in your marketing strategy – one is creativity, second is its optimization to get visible outcomes in your business. Performance marketing is an ideal digital marketing strategy for advertisers who are looking to reach their audience at scale, because the payment is based on how your users interact with your content. There’s more to performance marketing than merely scaling ads. If you need a more distinct understanding of the topic please read this article.

Ad Copies for Performance Marketing Ads

To make it easier to understand, let’s pick an example for your daily lives. Whenever you open a website, or scroll through Facebook, you see ads pop up on your screen. Some of these ads are irresistible while most of them are skipped through. This simply means that the ads that couldn’t hold your attention didn’t have the power of content, and the ads that made you go through it at least once had content that caught your attention at first glance.

If you are a marketer and you are worried about your performance ad copies not doing well, you are not alone. Almost every marketer has faced the same dilemma as you. Your heart will come to rest knowing that managing performance advertising is not that easy. Here are five essential tips you need to keep in mind before you get the right copies for your Performance Marketing Ads –

1: Create a great copy that lasts : Content creation is not an easy job. But when you are writing, make sure you are not writing just for the sake of ad promotion. Write copies that will be remembered, that will get in your audiences’ mind the moment they see it.


The above ad was a part of the “Smell like a Man, Man” campaign run by Old Spice for their product Old Spice Body Wash. It’s been long since the ad made rounds in the digital bay but the moment you viewed it again, now that I have attached it on my blog, you might have felt that tingling sensation of familiarity. This commercial has been an all-time hit and has etched the brand name in the minds of its users. Why? Because the masterpiece of this ad copy not just uplifts the brand image but also caters to a specific target audience. The comment section for this video would also suffice for its popularity.


When you read the name of this internationally famous brand  L’Oreal Paris, its slogan immediately crosses your mind “Because you’re worth it”. This particular campaign aimed at empowering women with a bold headline that called for men’s attention. The sub-headline clearly added the intention behind running this campaign.

The key takeaway from these examples is that a great ad copy includes well-chosen words and a message that others can resonate with.

2. Create copies that suit the advertising platform: Advertising platform will impact the performance of your ad copy significantly. You must have some adequate knowledge of different advertising platforms before you decide what content you are going to advertise in which platform. Here are some tips to choose an advertising platform.

  • Consider your brand goals while choosing your platform.

  • Do some research before you write your ad copy. Check which platforms your potential clients are using the most. You can do this by organizing polls, or by checking the demographics on each platform and even question why they use these platforms.

  • Your type of content depends on the type of platform/platforms. Find out which platform your audience spends most of their time and prepare the content accordingly.

  • To choose the best platform for your ad copies ask these three questions to yourself:

a. Who uses the platform?

b. What type of content can you post on that particular platform?

c. What goals can that platform help you achieve?


3. Create copies that resonate with your audience: Do some research on your audiences’ demographics, for instance their location, lifestyle, and behavior. This will help you create content that is local for your audience and something that they’ll connect with at a personal level.

4. Create A/B tests to identify the best version of your copy: A/B testing or split testing is a part of a randomized experimentation process where different versions of a web page, page element etc. are made visible to different segments of website visitors so that you can determine which version earns more leads and drives ROI. Create A/B tests for your ad copies every time you  run a performance ad campaign so that you’ll earn more ROI from your best copy.

5. Attach a clear CTA: The Call-To-Action segment of your performance ad is the last step to compel your audience to make a purchase decision. CTA is like the guide that tells your audience what action they should take after they’ve viewed your ad. Some common CTA’s that you come across are : Read more, Visit website, Shop now, Buy now etc. It provides a direction to your audience and CTA’s have proven to uplift your ad performance 2x times better.

Key Learnings about Performance Marketing Ads

1: Go by the character limit for your ads: Clear, direct, crisp ad copies prove to bring more ROIs. However, if you go by the standard character limits while writing your ad copy content you’ll less likely have to make changes in your ad copies. An idle ad copy should have a headline of upto 30 characters and a description of upto 90 characters

2: Using special characters, punctuation marks and emojis: Add numbers, special characters like %, $, &, @ etc. will drive your audience’s attention to your ad and also help build trust with your brand.

3: Sync content with campaign objective: Every campaign has different goals set to accomplish. Make sure that the content syncs well with your campaign objective. For instance if your objective is to drive sales, make sure your content relates/blends well with this objective, or if your objective is awareness then make sure your content includes awareness factor for your target audience.

4: Study your competition: Having a good understanding of your competitors and how they are promoting their brands will always keep you aware of what works and what doesn’t, you can identify the marketing gaps and make improvements in your marketing plans.

The performance of your ad copies are completely in your hands. Before putting out your ad on any advertising platform have an internal discussion with your team where you get everyone’s feedback. If each of your team members including yourself feels attracted to your ad, positively driving your purchase decision, it rightly means that your ad copy has spelled its magic.

Need more tips on copywriting? Read at length how to write effective copies for your Performance Ad Campaigns. Also check out these ad copy examples given by various experts that can help you earn more CTR and ROI.

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