How to increase your Ecommerce landing page conversion rate

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Landing pages are critical marketing avenues that can benefit any and every type of business. You could have a service oriented business or a business that sells products; a landing page is a great way to generate new customers, educate newcomers about your products and in the end generate more conversions.

A landing page is always separate from your business homepage where the goal is to provide a very general overview about your products, services & your business. Landing pages are associated with short term goals which aid in creating customer loyalty and help increase revenue for your business. Great landing pages for conversions are aimed at specific campaigns or promotional offers, targeting a specified audience or event and have a clear CTA or call to action, thus making it easier for customers to purchase your products or even sign up onto a list.

Table of contents

  1. How to increase landing page conversion rate?

  2. Write great headlines

  3. Use high quality images

  4. Focused landing pages

  5. Straightforward navigation

  6. Focus on ‘above the fold’

  7. Short & crisp product information

  8. Focus on the CTA

  9. Social proof is important

  10. Create a sense of urgency

  11. Added advantages

  12. Mobile optimization

  13. Give prominence to product videos

  14. Pricing information

  15. Testing the landing page

  16. Key Takeaways

How to increase landing page conversion rate?

Ecommerce is a huge industry and growing by leaps and bounds every year. With businesses going digital and fewer brick & mortar shops; it becomes imperative that you have the right landing page to drive customers to purchase your products or services. With a zillion competitors in the marketplace, it is crucial that your own landing page is crisp & to the point with the right CTA while also giving your customers a positive experience about your brand.

In the Ecommerce industry, what is a landing page conversion rate? A conversion refers to the moment when your target audience takes the action you intended them to take. These could be: filling out a registration form on your website, participating in a giveaway or even purchasing your product. Each conversion brings the buyer one step closer to converting into a customer of your brand. The more conversions your landing page gets, the higher is the conversion rate.

But how to improve landing pages to give you maximum conversions? Follow these tips & you are good to go!

Write great headlines:

The headline is the first thing a user sees when they hit the landing page. The headline should be: a. Interesting enough to hook the user b. Talk about the pain point or desire of the customer that pushed them to click. The ultimate goal is to convey to the customer that they are on the right website & should continue scrolling downwards.

For example: 

Use high quality images

Imagine you visited a landing page that’s long, without images & has loads of text. Will you continue reading to the end or will you close the page? If you picked ‘close the page’ then you know the importance of having great visuals of your product. Stunning product imagery is vital to showcase your product details and information. After all, the business of eCommerce is all about purchasing products online.

For example:

Focused landing pages

Landing pages are used to promote specific products, special discounts, seasonal products, offers and more. Showcasing too many offerings on one landing page will confuse your customers & will make it difficult for them to pick an offer or make a purchase decision. Therefore it is important to stick to one offer at a time, thus increasing chances of conversions.

For example:

Straightforward navigation

One of the main reasons why most landing pages fail to solve its purpose is because there are too many touch points which divert the customer away from your landing page. Success of a landing page depends on providing your customers with only one way forward. As an ecommerce retailer, eliminate all the other touchpoints from the page except the CTAs. This will keep your customer focused on the landing page & the ongoing offer.

Focus on ‘above the fold’

Unarguably, the top fold part of your landing page is the most important area. The ‘top fold’ refers to the top half of your landing page. This is a key content area which can be used to highlight the USP or important part of your content. Landing page conversion statistics say that 80% of users spend their time looking at information in the ‘above the fold’ section of a page. 



For example:

Short & crisp product information:

When looking to purchase a product, oftentimes people want to know more about the product and its benefits (if any). With a lack of time, people don’t want to spend too much time reading long product information. While showcasing your product, create a bullet list of its features and benefits, thereby providing the customer with crisp and easily digestible information.

In the event that you have only one category of products that you want customers to focus on, you can place this list in a strategic position for customers to see on the product page.

For Example:

Focus on the CTA

One of the most crucial elements of your landing page is the CTA or call to action. Focus on creating an attractive call to action to motivate the customers onward to the next step in the purchase process. Moreover, if the landing page is long, it is imperative to ensure that CTA’s are made accessible for the customer to click at any point in time of scrolling. Another important point to remember is that the CTA is the touchpoint likely to earn you conversions, hence it should stand out from the rest of the landing page. And one way to make your CTA stand out is to use contrasting colours.

For example:

Social proof is important

Testimonials or product reviews are important to ensure your customer reaches the right purchase decision. This instills trust in the brand and the product. And this section of social proof can most likely lead to higher conversion rates. It’s a very fruitful tactic that eCommerce businesses must apply.

For example:

Create a sense of urgency

The most apt occasions for launching sales or promotional offers are during the festive seasons. And such promotional offers can be held for a limited time period. Hence, create a sense of urgency on your landing page where the user is conveyed the message of ‘limited period offer’ or ‘offer until stocks last’ in case of a clearance sale.

For example:

Added advantages

While providing offers to increase conversions and generate new customers is always the focus, there are little things that could push customers to take the final step. Motivations such as ‘free shipping’, ‘easy returns’ or ‘1 year warranty’ for instance act as an added perk to the customers’ shopping experience.

For example:

Mobile optimization

A large percentage of shopping is done from mobile devices. It has become important to ensure that your website and landing pages are apt for mobile viewing. An Ecommerce website not offering a great mobile experience is more likely to lose customers to their competitors.

Give prominence to product videos

Video marketing is the new trend and not showing your product video is considered a faux pas or marketing failure. Video marketing statistics show that 64% of customers are more likely to make a purchase decision after having watched a product video. Moreover, adding a video will give the customer more information about the product, thus increasing the chances of conversion.

For example: 

Pricing information

Oh ya, let’s not forget the all important part of your landing page which is to include pricing of your product. Not showing or obscuring the pricing of an item will drop your conversion rate drastically.

Testing the landing page

Getting to the right landing page can take a lot of trial & error. While creating a landing page, it is quite easy to get lost in bright colours and beautiful designs and lose track of the main objective. Here’s where A/B testing comes in handy. You can test the landing page on copy, sub text, CTAs, videos, page length, colours, number of CTAs, promotional offers and more.


Key Takeaways

Your landing page is the crux of your campaign. It serves to acquire new customers or offer new deals to existing customers. Whatever the case, the objective is to increase your revenues. In order to do so, you have to ensure – a. That you create a positive customer experience and journey b. Once the first goal is met, it should lead to higher conversion rates, eventually leading to better sales revenue. With stiff competition in the market, getting your landing page right is not only the need of the hour but is also a necessity.

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