How to increase your SaaS landing page conversion rate

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“Landing pages are web pages that get you close to the sign-up, sale, or upsell,” says Joe Garofalo, a SaaS consultant & copywriter who has worked with 100 plus SaaS companies on their landing pages.

With the pandemic onset in 2020, the demand for software services has exploded exponentially. A boom in software was the next predictable step to connect, to work, and to learn. Today SaaS customers have a myriad of options to choose from depending on their objective. As per this report from Unbounce, a SaaS landing page has an average conversion rate of 2.9% while some of the best landing pages convert at 24.2%. But how does a SaaS-based organization translate the benefits of their products to landing pages that will give them leads? Read on to know how to create a SaaS landing page in order to obtain the best SaaS conversion rates.


It’s a no-brainer. The top fold is important

People visiting your website do not like to scroll to all corners of your landing page. Period. Most visitors spend 80% of their time on the top fold of the SaaS landing page. This comprises the headline, a hero image on the top, a convincing copy and most importantly, contact form or a CTA; all of these need to be visible as soon as the page loads.

For example: 


Do you narrate your category story?

What’s this you ask? A ‘category story’ is a 2 to 3 line story about the category your SaaS product has been made for. In a crowded market with competition on the rise, it’s not enough to only make your customer aware that you exist but to also ensure you convey a message stating that your product is the best choice in the market. Tell them that you can solve their particular pain points and have a unique way of doing so.

For example: 


Product guarantee, trust or offers should be part of your headline

It goes without saying; if you have a great ongoing offer or an attractive guarantee and can fulfill it, then it should be included in your headline and subhead. When it comes to crafting a great copy, there’s nothing more attractive to your customers than a combination of an offer, a guarantee or even trust for that matter. It’s very potent when you have the ability to deliver on it.

For Example:


Craft very specific headlines

If you know your target audience and have a solution to their problem, then it would be more prudent to keep your headlines crisp & clear. Headlines are the first thing that the customer sees & reads when they scroll through some top SaaS landing pages.

For example:


Pain points are as important as features

Is your product great and solves your customers’ pain points? Then why not talk about it? While you list down some key features of your product, take it a little further and talk about your customers’ pain points. It’s an added advantage to get great SaaS conversion rates. Show them that you understand their problems and that you are offering them a solution for those problems.

For example:

Tell your users what will happen after the click

An important part of the landing page, we all agree, is to have loud & clear CTA’s on the page. But do your customers’ know what comes next after they click? If you are offering a free trial or maybe a live demo, make sure it’s communicated to them. It will push them to make that coveted click on your CTA button.

For example:

Showcase not just value for money but any additional advantages

The price tag is always an attractive point for your users to make the sign-up or purchase decision. But to achieve better SaaS conversion rates, do not focus only on the price but also emphasize on the strengths of your product. It may come as a surprise but people may be willing to pay the price for a quality product. Let your product strengths be the star of your landing page rather than focusing on keeping a competitive price.

App integrations

If you built a quality product that makes your customers’ lives easier by integrating with various apps, then talk about it on your landing page. And by talking about it, don’t just list them; but take it up notch and highlight those integrations that will bring most value to your customer base. Tell your customers how a seamless integration with those most valuable apps may come of help to them while listing out the other integrations.

For example:

Short product demos

Product videos are a great way to demonstrate the benefits of your product. But then should you show long product demos or shorter, crisper & clearer videos? Pre-recorded videos that are short and crisp are the best way to showcase the important features of your product. This does take a lot of time and effort to produce but checking what Tom’s planner has done will help you plan your videos better. Their videos are shorter, faster and cover all the main points of their product.

Don’t digress users from your landing page

Some great SaaS landing page examples are those pages that keep the user glued to the landing page. Giving your potential customers links to other pages on your website will divert them & cause you to lose your potential audience. Landing pages are designed to coax your customers to take a desired action like purchasing your product, enrolling for a free demo/trial etc. Let them be there and understand your product.

Optimize for mobile view

Needless to say, the maximum amount of user surfing takes place on the mobile device and creating a landing page optimized to mobile experience, will improve your SaaS conversion rate.

For Example:

Give the call or chat option to your mobile users

While you know most surfing happens on mobile device, it is important to also be readily available to your customers; at the call of a button. While your landing page may have various, strategically placed CTA’s, for those surfing on mobile devices, adding a call button will enable your customers to reach out to you in a single click. Not just this but even a live chat button will allow you to address queries and connect with your customers faster.

Immediate appointments

Other than the usual CTA’s that push customers to sign-up for a free trial or buy the product, wouldn’t it be great if they booked an appointment at a time convenient to them to understand the product better? In comes Calendly, a scheduling option that offers an effortless way for your customers to book an appointment with you through a simple integration on your landing page. This will keep the customer on the landing page rather than moving off to a contact page of your website.

Social proof

Most landing pages have social proof or testimonials lagging at the bottom of the page & are lumped together in one section. What would work better is to have contextual testimonials which means to provide a testimonial on your website that backs up the service/product you have made.

For example:

Key Takeaways

Generating the best conversion rates for your SaaS landing page does not have a set formula and tends to differ from product to product. However, the suggestion compiled in this article gives you a stepping stone to creating a great SaaS landing page. While designing the landing page, keep in mind these three C’s:

  • Conveys the story of your product in an effective way.

  • Captures your customers’ actions, attention & interests, thus keeping your customer on the page.

  • Converts the user successfully.

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