Influencer marketing services

Influencers have managed to capture the rare commodity of the 21st Century: ATTENTION.

At MeDigit, our role is to gain this attention and bring your brand in the limelight. The result – better brand recognition, higher word of mouth and increased revenues.

Our influencer marketing services are crafted on three building blocks: Relevance, Influence and Results.

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Influencer marketing

There are only two existent ways of giving your digital presence an instant and an impactful growth, either you pay for it, or you craft a strong influencer marketing strategy. Social Media Influencers are people/groups who upholds a strong social media presence with a strong following. Today brands can no longer do without web influencers to stand out and emerge from their competitors. 

Whether it is YouTube, Instagram or Blogs, choosing the right influencers requires real expertise. MeDigit Social connects you with the right influencers and helps you spread your word instantly to the masses.

Why do brands need influencer marketing?

Qualified audience

By entrusting the promotion of their brand to clearly identified people, advertisers ensure controlled communication with a qualified audience.

Controlled communication

Influencer marketing is based on direct relationships between the brand and the influencer. The broadcast message is, therefore, easier to control.

Targeted content

Influencers often have a deep knowledge of the expectations and values ​​of their audience. They are thus able to create capsules of content perfectly in line with the aspirations of his community.


Increase in brand awareness
New audience reach
Generation of sales and conversion

What do we offer?

As an influencer marketing agency, MeDigit allows you to position yourself as a major player in the lives of your target audience. We make the right influencers your brand advocates.

Your challenges are our objectives

Spread brand awareness

Improve brand engagement

Product promotions

Better marketing ROI

Increase share of voice

Get feedback and reviews

How do we do it?

Reach, Relevance and Resonance. With our influencer marketing strategy, we bring in a human-centric approach to your marketing goals. Our aim is to ensure that you reach the right influencers (not just stars), target relevant audiences so that your brand resonates with emotion/evokes emotion. Because that is how consumers make their first purchase decisions.

 Identify the influencers who carry your value. We check their profile, expertise and target audience.

Advise the channel and social platform best suited to your brand and goals.

One size doesn’t fit all. We help you stand out and be perfectly identified on social networks as a brand.

Our primary focus is to develop your business and nurture your brand!


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