The point where your education fails is where a good internship succeeds.

Especially in the creative industry, where our students, besides being creative, fail to gauge what the industry holds for them.

Interns at MeDigit are directly involved in day to day activities of the Agency. They’re made to identity their core competencies and then nurtured to make relevance of their areas of Interest.


You can write to us at intern@medigit.in or give us a call on +91 79 4008 4450

Yes, we prefer candidates with exciting projects & vision to make it big in field of marketing. You’ll have to clear a round of interviews to be selected for the internship. You can also share a one page brief about your internship project requirements to make the process fast.

MeDigit is a full service creative agency which will help you identify your core competencies by involving you in the day to day activities of the agency. You’ll learn about advertising, brand building, social media strategizing, content writing, creative designing, client servicing etc.

We would love to pay you for the internship – depending on your work hours, skills & overall results. However, not everyone who interns at MeDigit gets paid. We will discuss this in advance with you.

Yes. We prefer candidates who have worked with us and showed prowess in their work areas. If you’re talented and hungry for growth & work, then MeDigit will offer you employment opportunities.