MeDigit News Bulletin | 10th January, 2019

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Nestlé takes a step forward to serve customers better, launched workplace by Facebook. On Instagram, you can now compile your pictures in a frame as coloured dots. Now users will see an improved help centre on Linkedin. Stay tuned for more news on our weekly News Bulletin.

Nestlé launches Workplace by Facebook

Nestlé adopted Workplace by Facebook as its global internal communication tool, to connect its workforce and better serve consumers. http://bit.ly/2TGKUQp

How to track the colors of your Instagram photos 2018 with Year Of Colour app

Instagram photos from your timeline can be compiled in a frame as colored dots. The Year Of Colour app morphs your events and moments on Instagram to colored dots and makes it look like an abstract painting. http://bit.ly/2FjoaCK

LinkedIn improves its Help Centre with In-Product Help

LinkedIn Help Centre would now host a more personalised experience by featuring the options most relevant to the segment of the platform used. http://bit.ly/2CdCyZs

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