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Recent days have been panicking for brands and marketers. Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) is spreading fear and bearish sentiments across geographies and its impact is strikingly visible on stock exchanges, tourism business and public events across the world. At the same time, Digital platforms are enabling opportunities for brands to spread the awareness about better health. Here are some updates from COVID-19, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram & world of digital marketing you should not miss!

Facebook, Instagram ban face mask ads amidst Coronavirus fears.

Facebook is banning ads selling medical face masks in the coming days to avoid the exploitation of panic around COVID-19. http://bit.ly/2TE7hIQ

How brands spread awareness about safety measures against Coronavirus

Non-hygiene brands share dos and don’ts for avoiding COVID-19 virus & the way they did it is creative and educative both. http://bit.ly/2vLj8Mh

How to measure TikTok campaigns through Creator Marketplace

Brands will be able to analyze metrics such as engagement and audience breakdown of their campaigns in real-time with the new TikTok feature. http://bit.ly/336PwFn

Twitter introduces Stories – a copy of stories feature on Instagram and Facebook?

Twitter is the sixth platform to duplicate Stories from Snapchat, after Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Twitter Stories has outraged users and #RIPTwitter has been trending with close to 200K tweets as of yet. http://bit.ly/2Q3c8B8

How in-app advertising is likely to be biggest winner among digital advertising amid multiple advertising avenues.

In-app advertising is currently fetching 20-25% of overall digital ad spends, but it should gain much more traction in coming years, weighs industry experts: http://bit.ly/38DTfuX

Global brands can look to India for inspiration in Digital Marketing

Latest Google study shows Indian brands have proven to be more mature & effective in digital marketing compared to their counterparts in APAC markets. Brands in emerging Asian markets previously had to look to more mature markets like Europe, North America, or, closer to home, Australia, for examples of best-in-class digital marketing. But Google’s latest study showed the playing field is leveling out. http://bit.ly/2QlHDH1

Facebook cost per acquisitions too high? Here’s what you can do

With more advertisers and bigger budgets crowding onto Facebook and Instagram, acquisition costs are climbing. If you are facing the burn too, here’s a guide you can look at: https://mklnd.com/2TFXxxF

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