MeDigit News Bulletin | 13th July, 2018

July 13, 2018 Digital Marketing, News 0 Comments

Digital media has again remained centric with the changes happening on 2 of its biggest social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram, as they have come up with some new and interesting features. Lets have a look at them on our this weeks News Bulletin.

Now choose what you will see on your Facebook News Feed

Facebook’s adding a new option which will enable users to mute certain words from their Facebook experience (News Feed and groups), ensuring they don’t see mentions of those terms for 30 days. https://bit.ly/2ujqYIR

Instagram Adds Another New Creative Option, now lets you add music to your stories

After being spotted in testing last month, Instagram is now rolling out its new music stickers option, which will give users the capability to add a soundtrack to their Instagram Stories. https://bit.ly/2LbCsEB

You can now see what ads your competitors are running in real time on Facebook
Facebook is now showing every ad from every brand running on its platform, part of a new transparency push. https://bit.ly/2uhmClC

Facebook stories reactions and more updates

Now you will be able to reply to Facebook stories with reactions like ‘Love’, ‘Like’ and ‘Wow’ or even for that matter ‘Sad’ following the new update. https://bit.ly/2NLJ2nb

Instagram Stories Now Has 400 Million Daily Active Users

The latest jump in Instagram Stories use further underlines this – in total, which means that Facebook now has more than a billion daily users across its various Stories options. https://bit.ly/2zKkLuX

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