Medigit News Bulletin – 17th November 2021

November 17, 2021 Digital Marketing 0 Comments

1. Drive sales & ROI through influencer marketing campaigns with Live Commerce.

Myntra has come up with live video sessions with influencers & fashion experts, where people can buy products during the session itself. Also, timebound discounts add all the fun to it. Read all about it here:


2. The average Indian spends 5 hrs per day on Apps this year. The top categories are Gaming, Fintech, Health & Fitness, and E-commerce.

India’s emergence as a booming mobile economy is reflected in the time spent on mobile apps as Indians spend almost 5 hours a day on apps. This definitely leads us to focus more on in-app advertisements.


3. What the latest changes to Google Search will mean for advertisers

In Google’s recent “Search On” event, it was explained how Innovations in Ai will help simplify complex tasks in advertising. Since its inception, the Multitask unified Model has been under improvement; read here to know what was displayed.


4. Here’s what business leaders have to say about paid advertising for your business

Have you adopted paid online advertising as your prime marketing technique, yet? If not then act soon. Though it is not the “only” future, it surely is a necessity for the success of your business in the present.


5. Time-lapse of the digital marketing world

Due to the pandemic, we are now well ahead in digital marketing than we could have been by this time. What next? How are we going to leverage this time-lapse that has made the digital marketing industry a necessity.


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