MeDigit News Bulletin | 17th August, 2018

August 17, 2018 Digital Marketing, News, Social Media 0 Comments

MeDigit comes up with the weekly dose of news and updates, proceedings and trends from the digital marketing industry. This weeks news revolves around the new features and experiments Facebook has been coming up with.

Facebook tests new tools for breaking news in real time
Facebook’s team is focusing on refining the designs of the developing news tools, to make it clearer that each update is part of a larger story narrative and encourage them to see Facebook as a place to get a cohesive look at a big news story from publishers they trust. https://bit.ly/2Pe4gLj

Facebook removes Friend Lists feed, to ban financially endangered posts
Facebook has notified its users on the app that it is shutting down the Facebook Friends List Feed option. https://bit.ly/2Mzickn

Facebook experiments replacing ‘share’ with ‘message’ button
Facebook might soon replace the ‘share’ option in a post on the news feed to ‘message’ button. https://bit.ly/2MRt1va

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