MeDigit News Bulletin | 18th September, 2018

September 18, 2018 Digital Marketing, News, Social Media 0 Comments

This week Facebook ads and AI system, LinkedIn’s group experience and Twitters video ads brings an update to the world of social media. To know more about each of these new updates, have a look at our News Bulletin.

LinkedIn’s releases user-friendly updates as a part of Group Experience

LinkedIn released its new LinkedIn Groups Experience to help build a community for users to gather with the professionals of the same domain as them, to progress and help each other excel.

Rosetta is here – Facebook’s AI system to identify contextual content on images

Facebook is creating an AI system called Rosetta to identify text and content on pictures.

Twitter gives video ads a subtle lift, puts live streams atop the timeline

Live broadcasts from followed accounts will now appear at the top of the timeline, giving in-stream video ads prominent placement on the app.

Facebook Advertisers can now see where the ads might appear on in-stream videos

Facebook is giving a complete view to the advertisers, on how and where their ads will be placed before the campaign is launched.

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