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AI is growing strong in copywriting space

An analyst firm AIContentGen published a report claiming there are now more than 50 vendors in the AI content space. Does this mean AI-generated copies are going to be the future of the campaign world? https://bit.ly/3InRc0r

Virtual Influencers & Synthetic media: Would you try it?

From synthesized versions of real people to wholly invented “virtual influencers” (VIs), synthetic media is a rising phenomenon. Synthetic media is increasingly being leveraged by brands and other organizations for creative marketing campaigns and other innovative use cases.https://bit.ly/3Al6QXD

Youtube announces Media Kit for Branded Content

In order to support the creation and distribution of branded content through YouTube BrandConnect, YouTube has released a media kit with bundle of features including new audience planning tools and insights. https://bit.ly/3GNG5O3

Mobile-first programmatic campaigns drive enhanced ROI: InMobi

According to the 2022 India Mobile Marketing Handbook released by InMobi, mobile-first programmatic campaigns have seen a great upswing in delivering enhanced ROI for brands. As per the report, brands that do not build on their mobile marketing maturity will be left behind the competition and more importantly, will fail to keep pace with the connected consumer. Read more here: https://bit.ly/3KuB2nM

People are preferring their comfort language more than English, are brands ready for it?

Over 130 million people arrived online in 2020 and 2021. Of the 80 million people who began using the Internet in 2020. These internet users are looking for content in their native language other than English. And hence, carefully crafting your message to different populations is essential to running a highly effective business. https://bit.ly/3fIxBM2

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