MeDigit News Bulletin | 28th August, 2018

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Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are continually endeavoring to make it more helpful for the clients to continue playing the diversion by updating themselves with the newer and user-friendly versions. Here is our week after week gathering of all that occurred in the realm of social media news.

Twitter share interesting data on #HashtagDay

When something happens in the world, it happens on Twitter and hashtags have helped to galvanise some of the most important moments in the past. https://bit.ly/2Lwu2Y3

Testing: Instagram tests recommended posts in feed

Starting today, Instagram is testing recommended posts in Feed, as a new way to see content you may like on the app. The recommendations are based on the people you follow and photos and videos you like. https://bit.ly/2BU5it8

Facebook Ads Frequency: 3 Techniques to Fight It in 2018

Facebook ads frequency is often overlooked but, as our data clearly shows, it could very well be the reason why your campaigns are starting to underperform. https://bit.ly/2ohwPeA

Email marketing turned 40 this year. Now what?

Even the first email-marketing message, however spammy, achieved astounding results. Contributor Kyle Henderick explains how far we’ve come since then and where we’re headed. https://mklnd.com/2BOubGF



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