MeDigit News Bulletin | 31st July, 2018

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Instagram TV, Facebook comments, Yahoo Messenger and Whatsapp’s forwarding restriction, find the latest from the world of social media in this News Bulletin 

On Instagram TV, brands go longer and weirder
Brands, celebrities and publishers are getting weird on Instagram TV. Instead of the minute-limit in the main Instagram feed, IGTV videos can last for up to an hour for select accounts, while a 10-minute limit prevails on others. https://bit.ly/2O3G11P

5 ways to get more Facebook comments and why
Though Facebook algorithms are making it difficult for brands to achieve organic reach, there are plenty of tips and t ricks. Enter – Facebook Comments.https://bit.ly/2JEuhzi

Yahoo Messenger Shuts Down After 20 Years
Yahoo.com’s chat service Yahoo Messenger was shut down on July 17, 2018. Users can no more access its services including chats, but will be able to download their chat history.  https://bit.ly/2JGTNnB

WhatsApp is piloting forwarding restrictions in India; Not enough

WhatsApp is testing adding more friction to the process of forwarding messages, which it will be introducing in its beta build. https://bit.ly/2mzxGXa

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