MeDigit News Bulletin | 3rd July, 2018

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Digital world is evolving itself day by day. And with so many new trends happening all over the world its not easy to stay updated. Hence we bring to you handpicked news from best resources under our News Bulletin.

Digital advertising will account for 95% of net new global advertising growth in 2018 and 99% in 2019.

GroupM today updated its 2018 ad investment forecasts and released its initial 2019 outlook. GroupM believes there will be $24B in net new advertising investment this year. Download the complete report here: https://goo.gl/13YW1P

ChuChu TV on YouTube is the most watched channel in education category.

ChuChu TV’s rhyme ‘Johnny Johnny Yes Papa’ has 1.4 billion views. India accounts for 400mn monthly active users. https://goo.gl/vU3VSy

Inside Google Marketing: 5 Principles for Creating Impactful Digital Campaigns

Connecting with consumers today means creating experiences that enrich their lives. Here, Grace Liau, head of media for Google Asia-Pacific, breaks down how her team has focused on personalization to deliver more meaningful and engaging digital campaigns in today’s cluttered world. https://goo.gl/k8d95G

India’s $100B Opportunity: A Peek into Digital Consumer Spending by 2020

Today’s $40B spends by Indian digital consumer is expected to reach $100B by 2020. Here’s a report by BCG & Nielsen decoding what future is like: https://goo.gl/eGDcEU

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