MeDigit News Bulletin: 4th June 2022

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Reels become 90 Seconds long with added features

It seems Instagram is making reels more TikTok-like. New features like sound effects & voice over will attract more content creators for sure. Also, reels are becoming 90 seconds long, interesting? 


A hot summer indeed

Check out what brands did this summer


80% of urban internet users in India use e-commerce portals for online product research

Consumers use e-commerce sites to research & purchase products or to buy services like insurance.  These ‘digital consumers’ are more informed, participative, well-employed and affluent than the average internet users in India. 


Hyperlocal e-commerce shoppers will increase by 52% to reach 214 million by 2022-end: WATInsights

According to the report, hyperlocal e-commerce has seen a huge customer surge in both metro cities and beyond. Currently, there are around 141 million hyperlocal commerce shoppers in India, which is 48 per cent of all e-commerce users. This number of hyperlocal commerce shoppers will increase by 52 per cent to reach 214 million by the end of 2022.


Brand Icons & characters are coming back

A recent survey by the Moving Pictures Company (MPC) indicated that with theuse of well-crafted characters and mascots in marketing campaigns, companies can expect to yield a 7.9% higher profit to their campaign margins.


ICS 2022: PR is a zero cost marketing product, says Upgrad’s Arjun Mohan

The chief executive officer of Upgrad addressed the role that communication plays in amplifying ed-tech at the India Communication Summit 2022.


Customers Want Personal Advisors, Not Advertisers

Gone are the days when one could just simply market your product. With digital marketing evolving everyday, the communication strategy has become more important than ever.


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