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Here’s MeDigit News Update from 8th February, 2018. Latest news from digital marketing industry. Your source to stay updates with the buzz.

LinkedIn Buzzwords list 2018 – Words that were overused last year!

The LinkedIn Buzzwords list 2018 curates words that have begun to be grossly overused by the LinkedIn audience, becoming contradictory in their goal to stand out. https://goo.gl/dboMt6

Facebook NewsFeed update for Publishers: The India perspective

While the industry continues to stay divided as to why Zuckerberg took to ‘fixing Facebook’ it all boils down to one fact, that this does not solve anything, except for that Facebook might see a surge in ad revenues from publishers. https://goo.gl/3Ft2oa

How a startup should stand against a fierce competitor

The startup space, particularly in India has shown a radical increase and is bursting with new entrants every single day. One can pick up any industry segment or sub-segment and it has a variety of new-age startups, in different stages of growth. https://goo.gl/t1kWx8

Shopping Apps Witnessed 54% Growth In Usage In 2017 – Report

2017 has been the year for e-commerce to boom. Usage of shopping apps was up 54 percent from 2016 to 2017. However, App categories with declining trend in 2017 included Lifestyle and, surprisingly Gaming. https://goo.gl/z6x8Sk

5 Instagram features each business should use to maximize Instagram impact

Instagram now has more than 25 million active business profiles and two million advertisers. That’s a lot of competition for attention. https://goo.gl/rCG7F1

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