MeDigit News Bulletin | 8th October, 2018

October 8, 2018 Digital Marketing, News, Social Media 0 Comments

Video Ads is becoming a thing on each and every social media platform. Started with Facebook, then Instagram and Twitter and now WhatsApp too is planning to roll out this feature. Catch the latest happenings from the world of social media in our weekly News Bulletin.

WhatsApp may begin showing ads on it’s iOS version

WhatsApp may soon roll out ads on the iOS version. There’s no official statement from WhatsApp out yet but the news was first spotted at a story covered by TNW. https://bit.ly/2Nu2iEu

The 3 bugs that led to the breach of 50 million Facebook accounts

Facebook is reeling under serious data security threats as recently 50 million accounts fell prey for hacking where the profiles were directly accessed. Here’s how it all transpired. https://bit.ly/2OM1Q8Y

Twitter follows Facebook’s foot steps, rolls out In-stream Video Ads

Publishers can now unlock more revenue with Twitter In-stream Video Ads and monetize their entire global video audience. https://bit.ly/2PpZ9r6

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