Our Team

An explosive cocktail that will not leave you indifferent 

Because we know how to break conventions, give up copying and pasting, find new solutions constantly, be always a pioneer, be creative! Because we think it is fun to succeed, to be challenged intellectually, to learn from your successes but also from your mistakes!

Meet our Avengers

Tanmay Shanishchara - a.k.a. Nick Fury

Tanmay Shanishchara

a.k.a. Nick Fury

Fury is one of the greatest strategist minds in the world and a master in espionage. Founder & CEO of MeDigit, Tanmay Shanishchara, is a master strategist and the creator of team MeDigit.

Juie Merchant - a.k.a. Captain Marvel

Juie Merchant

a.k.a. Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel, the fearless beauty who always challenges stereotypes. She is exceptional in her talents & a fighter by nature. Juie is the AlphaWoman at MeDigit, often referred to as the troubleshooter for any content related solutions.

Rizwan Qureshi - a.k.a. Iron Man

Rizwan Qureshi

a.k.a. Iron Man

Tony Stark is an innovator who uses his vast resources and intellect to make the world a better place. And it’s the same with our Sr. Art & Production Manager, Rizwan Qureshi who has achieved excellence over the last few years. Rizwan is creative, innovative and confident when it comes to his creations.

Disha Sharma - a.k.a. Shuri

Disha Sharma

a.k.a. Shuri

Shuri, the princess of Wakanda is the principal innovator and creator with inspiring ideas. In the realm of Ad Campaigns at MeDigit, Disha is your go-to person. With 5+ years of experience in the industry, Disha comes with excellent insights, campaign optimization suggestions & experience in getting the best results out of your campaigns.

Jay Thakkar - a.k.a Rocket

Jay Thakkar

a.k.a Rocket

Ain’t no thing like Rocket, ‘cept Rocket. He lives for the simple things & he’s far more formidable than he appears. As is with Jay. One look & you can easily underestimate him but Jay is our talented SEO specialist. With 6+ years of experience,he knows the ins and outs of SEO & ensures that your page ranks on Google along with your targeted keywords.

Farhan Kureshi - a.k.a. Doctor Strange

Farhan Kureshi

a.k.a. Doctor Strange

Master of the Mystic Arts and sorcerer supreme, that’s Doctor Strange. Farhan is nothing short of a sorcerer himself when it comes to creating designs. There’s magic in what he does. Our Sr. Graphic Designer takes time to ideate, visualize and churn out a creative that’s just apt for your social media.

Kinjal Goswami - a.k.a. Black Widow

Kinjal Goswami

a.k.a. Black Widow

Black Widow is one of the best-known agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Likewise, Kinjal plays the role of the best Sr. client service executive MeDigit has ever had. She knows the trends. She ensures your brand is seen.

Karan Solanki - a.k.a Winter Soldier

Karan Solanki

a.k.a Winter Soldier

Bucky is loyal, brave, honest to a fault, headstrong, resilient, and has a strong sense of justice and honor. That’s Karan for you. Karan began his internship with us & we are proud of the way he has grown.

Nimit Gour - a.k.a Spiderman

Nimit Gour

a.k.a Spiderman

Spiderman is one of the most helpful & genuinely concerned characters across the Marvel universe. And at MeDigit, Nimit is exactly that; helpful & an important part when it comes to executing tasks at the SEO level and the Social Media level.

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