The what, how & the why of Instagram Reels

October 25, 2021 Digital Marketing 0 Comments

Reels are a content format that provides the user with a creative space to create short and engaging videos. Thanks to reels, video creations were never this easy before. The videos could be as long as 60 seconds and can include multiple video clips, photos, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds and sound. They are the best sales & marketing tools in the Gen-Z era, accepted by all brands – big or small.

Getting the best out of Instagram reels requires a bit of prep work and laying the foundation right. Your brand can reach and inspire new audiences. With reels, Instagram users can turn into followers, and followers can turn into loyal customers.

You can create a reel from one video or a series of clips recorded or uploaded one after the other. There are 4 creative tools inbuilt to craft your reel, namely:

  • Music ( Add music to the video clip)

  • Speed (Speed up or slow down the video clips)

  • Effects (Add filter to the video)

  • Timer (Choose the duration of the video clip)

There are two ways to create:

  • Hold the record button on Instagram to capture video footage.

  • Upload video footage directly from your camera roll.

While you create content for your reel, you get an opportunity to tell a story, showcase yourself and build a rapport with your audience. When you put out your content authentically to exhibit everything that talks about your business and how your product or service will benefit the user, it drives a lot of trust and confidence. Create reels that are exciting and let your creativity flow through the reels. Choose themes, colours and content that aligns with your brand.

The more enjoyable and narrative your reel, the higher the chances that your audience feels connected to you and can resonate with your business, bringing in customer loyalty and engagement.

Reels should be on your business radar for your social media and marketing strategy. In the ever fast-paced and changing world, trends explode overnight. And only those who get in early into the trend reap the reward. The benefits of using reels for business are numerous:

  • It helps to build your community and grow your reach on Instagram.

  • It helps to grow your brand by bringing in more potential customers.

  • It is proven that it is a highly addictive hack to engage and attract Instagram users.

  • It gives your brand better visibility to reach the target audience.

  • It has a better shareability feature, unlike stories, they don’t vanish after 24Hrs. Users will be able to view and share them for a longer time.

  • It gives better discoverability which appears in the explore tab, distributing your content to many new users. One can take advantage of hashtags, dedicated songs and effects added in the video to reach more audiences.

A lot of creative content can be done with reels which can help brands to grow and cash in the opportunity! Get going and incorporate creating Reels as part of your marketing strategy.

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