What is video marketing and why is it important for small businesses

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Videos have increasingly become an inseparable part of our lives. If you log into any social media platform right now, you’ll find yourselves swimming in a sea of videos holding content that attracts you, holds you fixated, makes you re-watch it again and again. This is indeed yet another part of marketing which has now become the most important tool that drives any marketing campaign.

Understanding Video Marketing

Before understanding this concept, you need to ask yourself these three most important questions

  1. Do you own a business?
  2. Do you have social media accounts for your business?
  3. Do you want more engagement on your social media posts?

Video marketing is a powerful marketing tool that captivates your audience as an active part of your marketing campaigns. In this, videos are made to promote and tell people about the products and services your business offers, thereby increasing engagement on your digital and social platforms, while also educating your audience, and helping you connect to them through a new medium altogether.

Benefits of Video Marketing

  • Whatever be the size of your business, including entrepreneurs and small businesses, video marketing helps gaining traction and has an ascending effect on brand awareness, traffic and sales.
  • Increases the ease to engage with prospects and clients across multiple platforms and help to attract, convert, and retain new customers.
  • Capture value from the audience.
  • Engaging the audience.

Importance of Video Marketing

In the world of marketing, video marketing acts as the content strategy leader. Using images for marketing is common, but using videos holds much more potential as they stay visibly longer in your social media feeds, has more exposure and engagement, gives more detailed information on your product, tends to stand out than static creatives, has a more personal approach to engage with your audience, has more search rank, is slowly gaining popularity across different social media platforms. Believe it or not, video content marketing is exactly the type of content that the audience expects in future.

Study results

Render Forest has been conducting surveys on video marketing statistics. Their 2021 survey results show that videos helped businesses increase their brand awareness by 70%, traffic by 5%, and sales by 34%. While their very recent January, 2022 survey reports record that use of videos on social media platforms had increased 78% more traffic, the amount of time consumers spend on their website has increased by 83%, it helped to create more leads for almost 83% of users, and also helped in increasing the sales of 44% of users.

How to start making Videos?

If you want to incorporate video marketing into your business, you need not have some extraordinary skills to start making videos. If you currently have a smartphone in your hand, you already have the basic instrument to start your journey. The only importance lies in creating these videos with a certain amount of planning and a creative thought process.

Examples of Videos

1. Demo videos to showcase your products :

Short, educational videos which explain how your product works are called demo or product videos. Such videos should include the key-benefits of the product and a call-to-action that will lead the viewers to purchase your product. An example of a demo or product video is Herman Miller’s Gaming Chair :


2. Behind-the-scenes Videos

These types of videos create a platform for your audience to meet the people behind your business and how your products are made. With such authentic videos you will be able to connect emotionally with your audience. An example of this is House 99” by David Beckham for L’Oréal :


3. Educational or how-to videos :

How-to videos are extremely compelling because it educates your audience of how to do the things exactly. An example of this is “How To Cook Perfect Potatoes – by Tasty” :


4. Customer testimonials :

Customer testimonial videos increase social proof while also having great potential to influence your target audience, thereby ensuring that your product is the ultimate solution which your audience is seeking. The benefits of these types of videos are showcasing your product and also building trust. An example of this is Customer Testimonial – Home Try on – HD by Lenskart:


Video Marketing Agencies

While you can start making videos for video marketing campaigns without any expertise, there are also video marketing agencies which can help your business to grow by creating, polishing and sending out quality video content that will make your connection with your customers stronger. With growing demand for video marketing services, you’ll find your resort in many video marketing agencies that have now grown in popularity in India.

Key takeaways

  • If you use a smartphone, start filming content in it.
  • Always remember that you start filming with some planning and a sprinkle of creativity.
  • Schedule your videos to be uploaded on your social media.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of video marketing for better engagement and better results.

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