YourCMO – On-demand Chief Marketing Officer

Who better than an entrepreneur to understand the needs of an entrepreneur?

✔️ You do not know where to start.
✔️ Your content has no impact.
✔️ Your Ad Campaign costs going up.
✔️ You don’t know where the money goes.

What if it was possible to know what is going on in the minds of your customers when they are looking for your products: what are their problems, what are their questions?
It is possible to figure out everything provided you have the right CMO.
Even without knowing either your trade or your sector, there are solutions.

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About CMO Services

At MeDigit, we have 2 passions. First, sales & marketing and second, sustainable development of businesses around us. We have chosen to be flexible enough in the practical ways in which we help our customers.

Whether by redesigning your WordPress website, coaching you on digital marketing or even carrying out smart digital marketing operations for you: the objective is first to get you moving.

We also support you in the role of Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer or Digital Marketing Director!

How does a CMO help?

  • Definition of the marketing strategy

  • Operational marketing project management (example: lead an Inbound Marketing campaign , manage SEA campaigns , launch the audit and SEO optimization of your site , etc.)

  • Training and monitoring of internal teams, external service providers

  • Budget negotiation

  • Regular reporting

  • Participation, if desired, in the management committee

Why do you need a CMO?

  • You are not yet convinced that Digital Marketing is for you

  • You benefit from skills & expertise at a lower cost

  • You don’t have time to focus on Digital Marketing activities

  • You procrastinate because you want to find the “right profile”

  • You do not want to increase your payroll!

Your benefits

Monthly payments

Our hire-as-you-need  model allows you to tackle your marketing challenges even without hiring a full-time CMO. We charge monthly payments, only for contracted period.


Pick marketing services you need for your business, rather than going for agencies who sell packaged deal. Our A-la-carte model helps you pick what you want, in customized way.

Save money

Save tons of marketing money and invest it in actually reaching out to your customers. YourCMO is ideal for businesses looking at cost effective ways of working with experts.


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